How Things Should Be

How Things Should Be is a movie about five objects reflecting on their own existence. The movie is made in Keynote. BILLY is stuck in an aspirational feedback-loop about it’s doubts fears and hopes in the midst of planning to become a wifi-connected juicer. He is left alone in my apartment while I am out for work. KleanKanteenReflect27oz, a stainless steel drinking bottle and GoProFusion action camera are forgotten in a grocery store, somewhere in the fresh-produce section. They start a conversation about the color orange, user-interfaces and buddha bowls. Roo, a working uniform and a Touch-ID Button are physically attached to each other through a Sport-Fit Armband for an Apple iPhone 6s. I got knocked out in a fight with another delivery rider. While I pass out on the wet concrete, they imagine all the places they could go, without really knowing where they actually belong. Watch the video here.

2018; Video; 31:12min; Sound by Miša Skalskis; Voices by Benjamin Hagberg, Samuel Rynearson, Sydney Rahimtoola, Yu Chen Jao, Jack Bardwell;
Verified for Style

Sorry! I was late for work. The page didn’t load, so it took ages to find a proper route through the traffic and I still had to get a juice for during my shift. I must have forgotten all my things in the store. By the time I started working I was already fed up with it. And then I got into this fight with another rider. I don’t really remember what happened. I think I fainted. Well, Whatever! I am just gonna make the best out of it. Things can only get better from here anyway.

I woke up at an undisclosed location. But I know where I forgot my belongings. I’m tired and I can’t go home. There are guests staying in my room tonight. Where is my phone? As I reach into my pocket, I find the key. But I don’t have a second pair. I guess I have to tell dispatch that there is an issue I have to fix before I can continue working. That’s the spirit!

2018; Video-Installation; Documentation by Katarina Juričić
HI: PhotoGraphic BeNeFiT pARTy


420; Poster/Identity with Lukas Engelhardt; A1
I Think We Can Do Better Than That

Which is to say potentially the moment to talk about what remained excluded from consideration in this story. As someone who can laugh and cry you remain free. At this very moment you could cry about the fact that no one presented any positions against the ones which have (not) been presented and have thus been excluded from this text. Yes also now, you could do better than that. Read the full text here

2017; Essay; Forever-Beta; #couldbeworse;
Landscape with a Ruin

From August until November 2017 I was working together with the net artist Evan Roth, on his exhibition Landscape with a Ruin in Paris. I took care of the complete communication for the exhibition. This included posters, flyer, banners, invitations, mailer, advertisements, videos and a gallery guide. I also helped to conceptualize and produce the exhibition and several artworks.

2017; Identity; with and for Evan Roth; exhibited at Mona Bismarck American Center, Paris; Photos by Vinciane Lebrun-Verguethen;
Tough Love

2017; Poster/Flyer; with Samuel Rynearson; Commissioned by The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague; A2; Offset-Print
Something I wanna Share with You

Over time I accumulated a vast amount of food imagery on my phone. Not really sure why when and where to share these moments of blurry and overexposed distaste, I used them as a starting point to share some thoughts about what we put into ourselves.

Because man does not live by bread alone, all images are ordered by topic and associated with various texts. From Cool to Container and from Dough to Mum, subject areas are as diverse as taste is itself. Something I wanna share with You is a mouth-watering experience from the leftovers of the buffet: 345 pages of nutritious wisdom, gluten-free web-diets, raw City-Guides, wild stories about fridge magnets. A pick 'n' mix for the salad days that is worth one’s salt.

2017; Book; Contributions by Manus Nijhoff, Yacinth Pos; Documentation by Katarina Juričić; A5
Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den /pol/

1781, Joan Derk van der Capellen tot den Pol‘s published his pamphlet Aan het Volk van Nederland. It criticised the political corruption during that time and had a crucial influence on the formation of a democratic republic in the Netherlands. In 2017 Joan Derk rises from the dead. Relentlessly he tries to spread his pamphlet. But now finds himself confronted with platforms like TED or 8chan. Watch the video here.

2017 Video-Installation; with Lukas Engelhardt for Declaring Reason at Meermanno Museum, The Hague; Documentation by Natalia Jordanova
The Role of Research in Design

Alice Twemlow is an author and design-critic. In her essay The Soft Shell she writes about how the imagery and packaging of hygiene products wrap us in a world out of cupids, puppies, and fluffy clouds in order to keep us away from the real shit. “Anthropologist Mary Douglas writes, ‘Reflection on dirt involves reflection on the relation of order to disorder, being to non-being, form to formlessness, life to death.’ Toilet paper, just one of the many products we use to erase or disguise the smell, sight, and touch of excremental dirt, contrives – through the design of its packaging – to distract us from any such reflection.”

For her lecture at the KABK, about the role of research in design, I made her a poster that kept it clean.

2017; Poster; for Alice Twemlow; Commissioned by The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague; A1
Protectors of the Earth

This is a poncho utilizing the visual patterns of oppression and liberation. An attempt to translate behavioral patterns of opposing forces into a visual pattern. The story which this poncho is hiding is the classic tale of NGO’s exploiting a weaker minority for its natural resources and the countermovement arising from that.

The situation of the Native American people within the USA is a prime example of such. Not only because of their history of sociopolitical oppression but also because of its actuality with the most recent riots around the construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The poncho displays a map of all power-plants, coal and uranium mines within the Navajo Nation. Worn inside out it becomes potential protest sign against the Dakota Access Pipeline or a bootlegged Raf Simons coat.

2017; Textile/Banner; with Guillaume Roux; for Borderless-States at Waag Society, Amsterdam; Documentation by Katarina Juričić
I’m feeling myself

The by okayafrica as Web Warrior denoted Artist Tabita Rezaire gave a Kundalini-Yoga workshop and a lecture at my Academy. Tabita herself says she is a “hybrid femme emotional-warrior- healer preaching for earth-mind-body-tech-spirit communion”.

The accompanying poster immerses the viewer into her world around subjects like race, gender, and e-colonisation whilst it also functions as a proposal for her missing Wikipedia article.

2017; Poster; with Guillaume Roux; for Tabita Rezaire; Commissioned by The Royal Academy of Art, The Hague; A1
Eat Shit or Die

A Ego-Shooter for the nostalgic ones—reminiscing a time in which everything was better. Today, as Joe Lunchbucket, you live in a world reigned by veganism, civil rights movements and identity politics. You reach out one last time, to have it your way. Choice is not an option.

2016; Videogame & Booklet; with Manus Nijhoff, Made in Unity - Forever Beta!
Browsing through Serendipity

Part performance, part time waste, part accidental research this book attempts to reproduce notorious feelings of exhaustion and excitement which one may encounter whilst roaming through the world wide web.

2016; Book; 283mmx212mm; 183 Pages

This Sticker-Set is based on the bi-annual report on arms-export of Germany for the first half of 2015. Each sticker features one of the top-ten contries of destination as a removable coat of arms on the german flag.

2015; Sticker/Poster;