2018; How Things Should Be; Video; 31:12"; Sound by Miša Skalskis; Voices by Benjamin Hagberg, Samuel Rynearson, Sydney Rahimtoola, Yu Chen Jao, Jack Bardwell

How Things Should Be is a keynote presentation telling a story about five products having an existential crisis, while simultaneously performing a stress test for their brand identities.

Part 1: A shelf is standing in an apartment. Stuck in a aspirational feedback loop it plans to become a wifi-connected juicer.

Part 2: A stainless steel drinking bottle and an action camera are forgotten in the fresh-produce section of a local grocery store. What follows is a conversation about the color orange, interface updates and buddha bowls.

Part 3: A working uniform and a iPhone Touch-ID Button are physically attached to each other through a Sport-Fit Armband worn by an unconcious food delivery rider.

Imagine all the places you could go, without really knowing where you actually belong. You can watch the full video here.