I was absent during the whole show—Sorry! I was late for work. The page didn't load, so it took ages to find a proper route through the traffic and I still had to get a juice for during my shift. I must have forgotten all my things in the store. By the time I started working I was already fed up with it. And then I got into this fight with another rider. I don't really remember what happened. I think I fainted. Well, Whatever! I am just gonna make the best out of it. Things can only get better from here anyway.

I woke up at an undisclosed location. But I know where I forgot my belongings! I'm tired… but I can't go home. There are guests staying in my room tonight. Where is my phone? I reach into my pocket and I find the key. But I don't have a second pair. I guess I have to tell dispatch that there is an issue I have to fix before I can continue working.

That's the spirit!

Documentation by Katarina Juričić

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